Web Giants To Pay Fair Share

Finally, the Canadian Parliament has updated the Broadcast Act. It's the first time in over 50 years. Bill C-11, which is now law, deals with the hugely changed landscape of the broadcasting environment today, namely, the dominance of the large web giants. Our MP, Peter Julian, who represents New Westminster – Burnaby, was a very active member of the committee that refined the Bill so that it serves all Canadians well. In a comprehensive interview with him, Peter Julian explains that now, the web giants - including the Social Media Companies, Youtube, Google, Netflix and all the other steaming services such as Disney and many more – will have to provide approximately $1 billion a year to Canadian programming. It's basically money that they've taken out of Canada in subscription fees, ads, etc. In addition, the NDP has ensured that the money will go to community TV, and that programming will give voice to minorities making our screens more diverse, equitable and fair.

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