About NewWest.tv


The mission of NewWest.tv is to:

  •   Help strengthen New Westminster's sense of community
  •   Facilitate civic dialogue
  •   Celebrate local culture

by facilitating the production and distribution of "hyper-local" media content on cable television and internet portals.


The service will make every effort to collaborate with existing organizations and agencies of New Westminster. Because it will not be funded through advertising, we do not expect to compete with other media services in New Westminster.


The service will achieve its mission through the following core services:

  • A cable tv channel dedicated to programming focused on the interests of NewWest.
  • Web-based on-demand delivery of programs that serves the public interest. This will include all programs broadcast on the cable channel.
  • Access to facilities and equipment that allow residents of NewWest to create their own programming in TV and web-based formats.
  • Training and editorial support for those who want or need such support. Where possible, training will be provided in collaboration with existing educational services in NewWest.
  • Promotion to ensure that the service and its programs are well known to all NewWest residents.



Johanna Bartels
                                    Johanna Bartels
Deepak Sahasrabudhe
                                    Deepak Sahasrabudhe
Susan Millar
                                                     Susan Millar