Feminist Campaign School (with Nadine Nakagawa)

Municipal governments are largely made of male councillors. The situation is worse at the city level than at higher levels of government, according to City Councillor, Nadine Nakagawa, mostly because the provincial and federal parties have equity mechanisms in place.

Nakagawa feels strongly that female voices and voices from under-represented groups need to be at the table when it comes to local issues. There needs to be voices of people that are willing to lead with their values and to represent the views of those who they represent.

To that end, she and another New Westminster resident, Trudy Goels, are putting on a six-week program to give people the encouragement, confidence and know-how to become a candidate for city government or a campaign staffer to support someone in their efforts to get elected. Nakagawa spoke to Susan Millar, host of “Conversations”, the latest program series by NewWest.tv.

Nakagawa's partner, Trudy Goels, is on the Board of 'Women Transforming Cities' and has been active in supporting women and women's issues across Canada. Together they have created a curriculum that covers everything from power and influence, to fund-raising, campaign plans, and more. It's all free. And it isn't just for women, but anyone that wants to speak for groups that are usually not heard.

Nakagawa says that she is often asked: “What do I have to do to be qualified,” she says, “but chances are you already are qualified.” She says that you bring your own host of skills, knowledge, background and experience and that's good enough.

The course starts very soon, January 13th. If you are interested, you can get an application form at FeministCampaignSchool.ca, or find out more through Nadine Nakagawa's social media, or her email, nnakagawa@newwestcity.ca She is happy to talk to you about the program.

by: Susan Millar

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